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Saturday: 10:00 AM-12:30 PM - Open Qualifying 1:00 PM-6:00 PM Tournament Play 


 Official CTWC Regional Tournament: There will be a $20 entry fee. All matches will use the level 39 super kill screen and same piece sets. There will be a 12-player Gold Bracket featuring best of three matches for Round 0 and 1, best of five matches for the semifinals and finals. If there is interest, there will be a best of three Silver bracket. 


 There is a minimum $500 prize pool thanks to our sponsor Talent Tattoo & Body Piercing located in Kansas City. There is also a Matcherino for this tournament available here: 


Tournament Qualifying: To qualify in person, you will need to check in, sign up, then join the line for a qualifying station. If you achieve a maxout score 999,999, you will be given a spot on stream with one hour to attempt to raise your qualifier through additional maxouts.


Online qualifiers will be 60 minutes long and held through the CTWC Discord server. Online qualifiers must be submitted by 6 PM Friday December 2nd. Quals may begin when the link is posted. Join the CTWC server here:

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