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Would you like to exhibit your own arcades or pinballs?

All games exhibited in KC RETRO will be exchanged for a weekend pass (Collector or Exhibitor Passes) must be set to free play and available for attendees to play all weekend. Games are subject to an early removal fee of $100 if the game leaves the hall prior to the end of the show (and may be required to wait until early or late hours based on hall occupancy for safety concerns).

Collector and Exhibitor access (wristband color) are the same.


Please send an email to register for your free pass games to and note your company name in the email.  You may place your game inside your booth area, or they can be placed in the Arcade Area. If the title of the game(s) changes, just let us know or we can fix it during show set up. 

Arcade / Pinball Exhibitor Signup
What type of games are you bringing?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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