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Cosplay Showcase & Special Guests

Broken Canon Cosplay

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Broken Canon Cosplay is Christopher Chamberlin, a costume/prop-maker & charity cosplayer living in Manhattan, Kansas. He patterns & sews costumes, modifies and 3D models, 3D prints, and paints armor & accessories, does makeup & latex work and is getting into casting silicone. He does buy components for his costume builds or an entire costume at times, but what he loves most is to use cosplay to create moments of real and spontaneous joy for others.


Chris also loves cosplaying for charitable causes and has been a member of the Just-Us League for a couple of years. He is also seeking official membership in the Mandalorian Mercs, a Star Wars costume club specifically for Mandalorians, once he repaints his armor.  Both groups are 501c3 charity organizations that use cosplay to entertain and fundraise for charities that support sick & terminally ill children, families struggling with mental health issues and disability, those who have lost loved ones to suicide, special needs populations, and those who can’t make ends meet.

If you’re moved by his charity cosplaying mission, you can also join his Patreon support team.

cos·play /ˈkäzˌplā/ noun
The practice of dressing up as a character from a comic book, movie, television show, novel, or video game.

cause·play /ˈkAWzˌplā/ noun
1. Using cosplay to bring joy to kids and families in need
2. Using cosplay to enhance the work of charities

Atorable Cosplay

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Tora is a St. Louis based, plus-size cosplayer and prop maker focused on craftsmanship and detail work. Her passion for making quickly lead her to the competitive scene, where she has won awards competing among the Master Class. She loves to host panels on a variety of cosplay related topics including: armor making, competitive cosplay, mental health in cosplay, body positivity, and more! Her ultimate goal is to inspire the community to continue making and show that cosplay can be accessible to everyone! 

Diabolical Props

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Do you ever catch yourself wishing you could cosplay, but never know where to begin? Have you been making things for a while but still find yourself wanting to take your builds to the next level? Then look no further than Diabolical Props. Nicknamed “The Bob Ross of Props” by his friends and followers, Diabolical is here to help you bring your cosplay dreams to life. With a decade of cosplay experience under his horns, Diabolical Props combines education, entertainment, and expertise to inspire and grow cosplayers from all skill levels. Whether you’re tuning in on Twitch for one of his live streams, watching one of his YouTube build guides, or catching one of Diabolical’s Convention Panels, you’re sure to learn new skills in no time and It won’t even cost you your soul. You can find Diabolical Props on Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube, and anywhere else that media is social.

Jessica Violet

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Jessica Violet is a cosplayer based out of the Kansas City area. Cosplaying since 2015, she has won several awards at local contests and is a member of the local charity group, the Just-Us League. Jessica utilizes a multimedia approach to her cosplay creations; specializing in foamsmithing, resin casting, 3D printing and more. She loves to discuss and encourage others to learn about cosplay through panels and live demos.


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Sparqy is a master level, award winning Kansas based cosplayer with more than 19 years experience crafting her own costumes. From foamsmithing to puppetry, 3D printing, and sewing, she loves using a variety of materials and techniques to bring her cosplays to life.